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Rectal Cancer

Name of Cancer: Rectal Cancer

Age of Person: 58 years

General Health status at the time of diagnosis: Good

Treatment suggested by oncologist: Radiation, Surgery, Chemo

Treatment completed: Only Radiation. No Chemo, No Surgery

Level of Adverse effects suffered: Severe

Cancer Herbalist:

Reason for Choosing Nutrition Therapy: Severe pain due to Radiation

Response for Nutrition Therapy: Excellent

Response in Brief: Pain associated with radiation disappeard in few days.

Additional benefits: IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome) improved. Better                                               health than before Cancer diagnosed

Duration of treatment: Regular 3 months, followed by reduced doses

Status: Complete regression confirmed by Sigmoidoscopy


Rectal Cancer affects the terminal part of the intestine. The near by important structures are sphinctures which are essential for regulating defecation as per the will. Regular standard therapy involves surgery followed by Chemo/ Radiation. The surgery involves removal of the length of the intestine affected and provide chemo to address the left over along with radiation. Radiation causes severe injury to the sensitive parts and causes severe inconvenience till it get healed.

Although surgery can remove major chunk, it can't remove metastasis, even radiation too. Infact research on Surgery & Radiation has confirmed that they promote metastasis (spreading of cancer to other organs) and inflict new cancers. Thus Chemo is only option, but its poor response may results in recurrence.

In this case, the patient didn't wanted to go under knife and choosed radiation along with Nutrition Therapy. After 2 months of Nutrition Therapy, the results are displayed here below;

As of now the patient is completely free from signs and symptoms of the Cancer leading normal life. We wish all the best. Additional benefit was improvement in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Sigmoidoscopy: Seeing inside the colon with the help of camera confirms very good healing. Oncologist feels regular checkup may not be required and suggested to visit after 1 year. This confirms the efficacy of Natural Holistic Nutrition Therapy from Cancer Herbalist

4 months after MRI

MRI 4 months before Sigmoidoscopy

CT Scan, 1 week after MRI 

Jun 2018

Doing great and leading normal life. Life is much better than before due to improved IBS, thanks to Nature's Nutrition Therapy

Jun 2024

No recurrence after 6 years even after radiotherapy. IBS is greatly improved, can travel with freedom. Living normal life much better than before cancer. She is helping so many patients and advising the cancer patients not to be afraid.

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