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Holistic, we mean to explore and excercise all Natural ways to treat Cancer or Chronic diseases. You would know more about various options of holistic approach of therapy in the following pages and during consultation. You also need to learn about chemotherapy / radiotherapy limitations, side effects and how to limit them as in many cases Chemo drugs can kill the patient before cancer does (27%).  One can learn about cancer and various options available to fight. Therapy is based on various factors including present stage of cancer, health condition, blood parametes. Nutritional Therapy (NT) is vital part of holistic approach & is the central key component powered by Technology based formulations.

Available Therapeutic Pathways



1. Nutritional Therapy

2. Ketogenic Therapy

3. Fasting Therapy

4. Low carb Therapy

5. Yoga / Excercise Therapy


Future options

1. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

2. Hyperthermia

3. Acupuncture

4. Acupressure

5. Homeopathy 

What is Nutrition Therapy


Nutrtiton plays vital role in any disease, simple spices like turmeric, ginger, tea leaf have high potential to treat cancer. Curcumin from Turmeric is the only drug proved to act on CSC (Cancer Stem Cell), where as most of the chemo drugs won't even touch them.


Most of the chemo drugs are successful just to the level of debulking means killing not so dangerous daughter cells leaving potential stem cells behind. Reason why cancer recurrence is so high.


Where as Radio therapy is now known that it promotes the growth of cancer apart from helping the cancer to spread in to other organs by delinking the cell to cell joints (not related to DNA damage)


Hence being a Pharmacologist the Chief consultant Prof Ramesh has adapted to safe Natural Nutrition Pathway. These nutritional formulations formulated under the able supervision of Ayurveda professionals are not only fight Cancer, rather protects Heart, Kidney, Brain and other vital organs. This additional benefit makes them suitable to use even with Chemo or Radio therapy.


Detailed writeup is available as a downloadable pdf file under classes page.

Download to know about various levels of therapy here


Other Therapies


Ketogenic Therapy: In MRI we use glucose for detection of cancer. It is approved concept that cancer mass has hyper metabolic activity and the radioactive glucose gets accumulated in such places, indirectly indicating cancer tissue. If you replace this basic requirement ie., glucose as energy source to fat (ketone producing), the cancer cells would be starved and our fight will be more fruitful. After preliminary education about the concept, patient can decide to adapt the same. We provide support with literature.


Fasting Therapy: Bad immunity is responsible for outgrowth of cancer. How to remove worn out, non functional, defective immune cells? Fasting is one such modality to deal with it. Guidance shall be given towards the same. Fasting has been proved to reduce CTRT induced side effects too. Ofcourse it may require medical supervision in some conditions.


Low carb Therapy: When you learn nutrition can play this method provides more support for recovery not only for cancer, but also it provides longetivity and freedom from many other diseases.


Yoga / Excercise Therapy: If you are aware that your sadness can affect your hungerness, then understand mind is the super power. Yoga and excercise are two means by which you can excercise powers on your body. We give scientific evidence based advice for patient and attendants.

At times even we wonder can herbs / spices have such potential !!!


Although the cases are not thouroughly researched, we indeed observed a great protection to patients in haematological (blood) parameters. Many a times better than normal range. Left side is one such result of hemoglobin result after double verificiation from the lab.


In most cases all cancer patients have never sent back from scheduled Chemo or Radio therapy due to poor blood tests results.  We have suggested all patients to post pone the chemo or radio by atleast 3-5 days so that Nutritional Therapy shall have good protection and protect body organs on the day of chemo therapy.


We have also observed that the no of chemo cycles required to declare sign free are as predicted most of the times. Rarely cycles are extended. It is also observed that patients exhibit good tolerance to chemo agents during Nutrition Therapy, oncologists have frequently increased the dose of chemo agents.


In a case Dwipen Das 24 years old just married having Lymphoma never seen ICU after initiation of NT.

Download and read to understand

before contacting us

For first time Visitors



Thank you for contacting the world's best Nutrition Therapy Center providing gene-targeted therapy consisting of CURCUMINOIDS. Nutrition Therapy works by 3 pronged approaches;

  1. Directly acting on Cancer gene expression

  2. Stimulating the Immune system

  3. Energizing vital organs to fight cancer more effectively.



  1. NT works along with Chemo & Radiotherapy (CTRT).

  2. NT reduces side effects of CTRT and increases the efficacy of Chemo / Radiation

  3. Reduces radiation-induced metastasis and secondary cancer.

  4. NT also helps to prevent chemo and radio-induced cancer and metastasis.

  5. Protects organs like Kidney, Liver, Heart, Brain, etc from harmful effects of Chemo and Radio


For success stories visit

  1. Rectal Cancer

  2. Prostate

  3. Esophagus

  4. Brain Cancer

  5. Brain GBM

  6. Bone Cancer



1. For which cancer Nutrition Therapy is useful? How does it work?

Nutrition Therapy is useful in all cancers as it acts by immunostimulation. NT suppress Oncogenes and stimulate anti-cancer genes while protecting vital organs


2. Which stage it is useful?

In All stages, the stimulation of immunity can make a difference.


3. How long it should be taken

An average of 3 months


4. Once resolved, does it come back

May not be so easy, because active immunity will keep a check


5. What is the cost for full therapy

Can't be determined as each kit can be personalized.


6. Does the patient has to come to BANGALORE?

Not necessarily. You can get it to your doorsteps by courier


7. Is there any side effects?

Several research studies confirm the safety. Discuss with your oncologist before you start.


8. How long NT takes to show response

Usually within 1 month

For more info search the internet


How to get treatment by Post

1. Start the process by completing the Patient FORM by clicking

2. Send the reports by email to

3. Consultants will review the case and create a prescription

4. Cost of the Herbal Chemotherapy kit would be notified to you

5. Do bank transfer

6. The kit shall be delivered by courier to your doorsteps.

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