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Liver Cancer Metastatic

First Interim Success in 2019

Age : 62 years

History: A female patient who recently diagnosed

with metastatic liver had large lesion of about 7

cubic centimeter.

Co-morbidity: Hepatomegaly with Fatty Liver &

Cirrhosis, Hypertension, Diabetes with HbA1c (11.0),

HbsAg +ve (149).

Family was in a shock when it was diagnosed and still

more worried to choose the therapy. They were worried of side effects of therapy like chemo / radio. After a cross reference they reached Cancer Herbalist. The family wanted to give the first priority to Herbal Chemotherapy for a month before deciding on surgery, radio or chemo.

Treatment at Cancer Herbalist:

Considering various co-morbidities with obesity, it was a tough challenge for Cancer Herbalist team. Uncontrolled diabetes could be a hurdle for recovery. Hence a special protocol was designed to address the following ailments concurrently;

1. Cancer

2. Fatty Liver

3. Hepatomegaly

4. Cirrhosis

5. Diabetes

6. Hypertension

7. Hepatitis B Virus infection

Herbal Chemotherapy started immediately along with keto therapy, chocolate therapy, Curcuminoids therapy. With in days the changes were apparent and symptoms started disappearing.

Patient got relief in many fronts. Uncontrolled Diabetes severity brought down drastically which is indicated by reduction in HbA1c (Average blood glucose of 3 months) from 11 to 8.6 in less than 2 months.

According to Ultrasound scan the mass size reduced by around 20% in Liver. Also the quality of life bacame normal.

Best of all she started loosing excess fat and feeling all the more energetic.

We wish speedy recovery and healthy life.





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