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A female client aged around xx years was suffering from CML from several years. She was on Imatinib, not effective, later shifted to Hydroxyurea 6 tablets / day. Patient became very sick, and unable to eat drink etc, she lost wt and became nearly bedridden. Severe mucositis trouble the normal life. That is the time hemoglobin dropped to single digit. After blood transfusion of several bottles, it stood at 6.2 when she reached Cancer Herbalist.

She was hesitant and reluctant to start Nutrition Therapy. After 1 month of therapy, she became normal with regular life.  Here is her message to patients who don't have HOPE.

Before Starting Nutrition Therapy

Before NUTRITION THERAPY: Due to CTRT side effects, her blood reached so low, that required blood transfusion regularly. With blood transfusion also Hemoglobin stood at 6.2 gms instead of 12 gms. WBC count became very low to 1700 instead of 7000. Platelet count also went down to 62000 and further reduction may lead to bleeding.

Blood picture before the treament

After NUTRITION THERAPY: One month of Nutrition therapy has provided remarkable changes from bed ridden to independent normal life. While hemoglobin rised to 9.2 gms without blood transfusion, WBC rised to 5200 and platelets reached 4.8 lakhs. They didn't required to visit hospital in last month.

We wish her complete recovery and normal life.

All parameters of Leukamia improved after Nutrition Therapy
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