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Cirrhosis - A chronic liver disease


Liver is a wonderful and powerful organ. Liver is made of special structures with very high blood supply both from intestine and heart. Due to its immense self regeneration power we don't see much liver disesases in routine. It means if you see a disease of liver, you can understand, that liver has failed in its power to repair and regenerate itself due to chronic attack of infection or abuse of drugs like alcohol.

As more chemicals are synthesised for human use, the threat on human body also increased. We have already synthesised several millions of chemicals which never existed in nature. Nano technology based many chemicals have only amplified the threat. Many of these chemicals along with routine pollutants have only aggarvated the Liver problems who consume alcohol. Chronic alcoholism has proved to be a threat to Liver.


When liver cells are continuously attacked and killed frequently it initiates emergency repair called fibrosis which doesn't have original tissue and function. Before we reach fibrosis there are several reversible stages like steatosis, ascitis, inflammation, infection.


When liver looses its architecture, contents are spilled and you observe jaundice. As the liver reduce its functional ability you will start seeing functional alteration in body like loss of wt, loss of apetite, digestability, nausea, vomiting, diarrohea, infections, ascitis, bloated stomach, muscle wastage, breathlessness, tiredness, anemia etc. Many people in India ignore it until they reach final stage.


Therapy: Unfortunately allopathy doesn't have solution for this complex chronic disease but nature has beautiful options like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Andrographis, Phyllanthus, Sylimarin etc. Many herbs using frequently has beneficial effects on Liver. Although they can help at early stage, the final stage requires meticulous planning with selection of herbs or extracts, their doses, formulations, etc to achieve therapeutic outcome.


Frequently when patients improve in their signs and symptoms, they stop continuing the therapy in India. Hence it is not an easy task in routine, we can collect and update all cases.


Successful cases:


Case 1 : Mr. Anburaj, an adult from lower economic strata, aged around 32 years was a chronic alcoholic with drug abuse history. When he visited first he was unable to sit longer time, not able to hold glass of water. He was very thin, lean, with bloated stomach due to ascitis. His urine and feces was black colored.


With in 3 days of initiating the Nutritional Therapy, the color of urine and feces started changing to light yellow. His apetitle increased, tiredness reduced, able to walk and speak better.



Case 2: Mr. xxxxxxxx was a 59 year old gentleman with chronic alcoholism of 25 -30 years. Mild ascitis, but unable to getup or walk. Wt loss was seen.


With in one course of therapy, he was able to walk, sleep, eat better. He is still on therapy as on 10-04-2014.


Case 3: Mr. Suresh Hegde aged around 60 years was given up and suggested palliative care. He was suffering from Hepatitis B, mild steatosis, and CLD. Nutrition Therapy was able to reverse Jaundice and improved many parameters in about 3 days. Unfortunately patient was not under ICU and poor medical supervision resulted in poor regulationof electrolytes leading hyperkelamia resulting in death.

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