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Oesophagal Cancer

A patient was diagnosed from Oesophagal Cancer during the evaluation of dysphagia. He underwent transthoracic oesophagectomy in April 2015. Later developed stricture for which dilatation procedure was carried out. Later August 2015 lymph nodes around neck got swollen and cancer confirmed by Histopathology and PET-CT.


Finally oncologists and family members discussed together to reach an understanding that PALLIATIVE CARE was the best possible option. Thus Palliative Chemotherapy was planned with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin  (well known chemotherapeutic agents to cause new Cancer in patients).



This was the time NT was introduced and to be given along with Chemo. The results are displayed below. As of Mar 16 he is doing well with no clinical signs of Cancer which is confirmed by Whole body PET-CT SCAN.


We at CANCER HERBALIST wish him happy long life.



After Nutrition Therapy with Cancer Herbalist
Before Nutrtional Therapy. Esophagal cancer with Metastasis - PET Scan - 2 pages

CT scan on 07-09-2016

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