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Oral Cancer with severe Heart Problem

Age : 68 years

History: A male patient who recently diagnosed

with oral cancer​

Co-morbidity: Severe cardiac dysfunction (LVEF 26%, Sclerotic valve)

Due to the compensated function of Heart, patient was not able to carry out the daily routine functions. Always tired and not interested to work with zeal. Discovering Oral cancer has pushed him to corner. Death was certain as he was not eligible for Surgery, Chemo or Radio due to severe heart problem. With no hopes in life he reached Cancer Herbalist.

Treatment at Cancer Herbalist:

Considering  the co-morbiditiy, it was a tough challenge for Cancer Herbalist team. Heart output was very low at 27% (normal should be more than 60%). A special protocol was designed to address the issue simultaneously.

With in a month complete change has been observed with cardiac out put rising slowly to 36% and with in 3-4 months cancer was totally not detectable as of Dec 2017. Ever after March 2019 there is no recurrence and complaint.

Cancer Herbalist wishes complete happy life.

Listen to the whole story in his own  words at

Id: 754

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