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Case 2: Atypical Tumor / Rhabdoid Tumor


A rare form of Brain cancer typically occurs in children. Survival is very moderate for below 3 years of age at diagnosis. There is specific deletioin of INI1 gene which can be a confirmatory test apart from routine tests.


Ms. Diti, was 2 years 10 months at the time of diagnosis. She presented with signs & symptoms like vomiting, head ache moderate initially became real serious as the time passed. She lost conciousness few times. Eyes lost sterio vision. After several months of agony with therapy for various diseases finally it was confirmed that it was ATRT in Jan 2013. It was such emergency, informal hand written MRI report was taken personally for decompression surgery conducted on next day itself. She recovered well from surgery to receive radiation therapy forllowed by Chemotherapy.  Family of the child apprached for nutritional therapy in the month of June 2014 during early chemotherapy days.


Survival below three years of age: 11% 




Before the initiation of therapy: She was relatively doing good. But after chemotherapy she suffered few adverse effects. For second cycle of chemotherapy blood parameters were deteriorated and she had been sent back for recovery. Her cognitive skills were taken hit and performance in school was decreased. Her ability of speech was altered and gets irritated soon. Stubberness was increased with taste only for junk food. Appetite was reduced & food intake has affected.​ Nutritional dificiency was expected. Metastais of tumor has seen towards down from brain to spinal cord. Many signs & symptoms could not be reported due to the age.  She was living with chemo port all through the day and to school. 


At the outset she was doink ok, but with no guarantee of survival as they know it was Agressive Cancer and metastasis to spinal cord proceeded during therapy. Deterioration was progressing, with many signs including bone marrow depression. 


As the patient is hardly 3 years old, it wasn't easy to administer not so good tasting herbal extracts. It is at this time we introduced Chocolate Therapy incorporating high cocoa contents with low sugar and herbal ingredients. It was accepted very well that child was pleading for more chocolates. 


She has been put on loading therapy for a month and then moderated subsequently. But during chemo, the doses were modulated to provide extra protection. With the support of Nutritinal powered therapy, she sailed smoothely without any adverse reactions. She continue to attend school comfortably with full energy. She has not sent back for all further Chemotherapy sessions as she was protected from adverse effects. She suffered no infections which were common during chemotherapy.  Her hemoglobin didn't deteriorate further, but rather slowly improwed by 10 - 15%. With in 3 months after initiation of our therapy, in Aug 2013 oncologists concluded to stop the chemo as the child is doing very well. But cautiously retained the chemoport. In Feb 2014 based on MRI dated 01-02-2014, Oncologists were of the opinion that she may not require any more chemotherapy (which is generally expected as the aggressive cancer suppose to regrow). Contrary to the expectations, even the remaining tumor was also resolved and not detected in contrast MRI. Thus the chemoport which was retained for further therapy has been removed making the child completely free of hassles with normal child feeling.


She is doing very well even in March 2014 and her sight seems to be improving indicating rewiring of Neurons. Diffused Celebellar Atrophy which has been observed in Feb MRI, we hope would be regenerated by next MRI scheduled after 6 months.


Therapy is continued even now since from June 2013 and expected to continue till next MRI.

April 10th 2015, MRI showed no recurrence and child is doing very well like any normal child even after several cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. NT started after 2nd CT in 2013.


Copy of MRI will be posted here as soon as we get a copy.

Jan 2017

The child is doing good in school and considered Normal, the biggest advantage of NUTRITION THERAPY. The latest MRI confirms NO RELAPSE after almost 3 years.

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