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Case 1 : GBM WHO III grade Brain cancer



43 Year old male suffered vomiting, blurred vision, pulling of body to a side diagnosed with Stage III (WHO) Astrocytoma at brain stem. As it can't be operated, surgeons recommended CTRT. Unfortunately patient could not tolerate RT ended up on bed with Ryles tube for feeding. He was unable to sign and his speech was not understood by his wife too. That was the situation he had been left for palliative care. He is not receiving any other therapy.




In the last quarter of 2010 he developed noticing pulling of body to one side resulting in driving the bike to one side loosing the balance. As nothing else was there, visited various physicians and many therapies, but symptoms progressed. In 2011 Jan an MRI revealed the mass growth in brain stem. He had admitted to Sathya sai hospital. The team of oncologists carried out surgery, but decided not to excise owing the difficulty and risk due to the mass location but completed biopsy. They identified as Anaplastic Astrocytoma WHO Grade III.  The mass was at the brain stem disturbing the main highway of signals into & out of brain, growing into cerebellum disrupted fine motor control. Discharged with recommendation for radiation. The signs progressed. Mean while family desperately tried QMR ( to resist / heal the cancer, but no use. Radiation therapy made walking patient to drop dead and progression necessitated Ryle's Tube for feeding. Hopes were wafer thin, after oncologists explained how one by one body functions fail to seek an end.


The signs progressed to a level that he was unable to sense the taste of salt. Speech became utterly noisy, unable to understand by any one. Vision blurred out. Fine control to hold spoon, pen became impossible, but retaining crude strength. It was necessary to obtain Physician certificate as he was unable to sign for bank transactions.


When there was no hope, search for hope was continued by family which lead to the Holistic Therapy / Nutritional Therapy. It has been started immediately in Jul 2011 and continued. All the progressive signs of disease halted with in a week. Lost senses, abilities were slowly restored. His voice was able to understood by his family. An MRI in Feb 2012 confirmed the arrest of progress and to the relief, the mass shrunk by around 30-35%.  Significant resolution of edema enabled the brain to recover the functions slowly. Although many functions returned, his left knee was still not stable. An MRI of knee revealed no problem which indicated root of problem may be in the brain damage.


He survived the threat and continued to recover through 2013. Able to eat with spoon, able to sense the taste, able to chat with children. Even the thought process became clear that he became able to guide the daughter for their education.


December 2013, another MRI done and this time contrast has been discontinued as it was only observatory. It revealed no further growth, but rather shrinkage of mass in terms of size and density indicating restoration of normal tissue.


As on March 20, 2014 he is continued to improve especially in terms of knee strength. He became able to walk independently.


From the beginning of diagnosis all documents are available with us. Critical MRI data is posted below. We eagerly urge the reader not to share publicly but except to patients who are looking for hope.

We would review this case in 2015

Early 2015: He continued to recover and able to make 3 rounds in the nearby park with family. Support was minimal. He was on discrete, minimal NT (Nutritional Therapy) during 2014 - 2015. 

Late 2015 November: From last few months he started showing some signs of recurrence. An MRI confirmed regrowth in size. Not to leave any option, family also tried Chemotherapy, but unfortunately the whole body became weak and down. Then Nutritional Therapy restored to full strength. Unfortunately a fall triggered a series of events and within a week we lost our fight and our first success came to end after 4 & half years survival only by Nutritional Therapy.

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