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Prostate Cancer in 74 years Male

Male aged 74 years old suddenly started loosing weight with reduced apetite. Many visits to physicians got redirected and finally reached to oncologists confirming prostate cancer. One of the atypical case of prostate cancer where majority of the symptoms were absent initially except increased PSA and enlarged prostate. Thus it took longer time and more tests to confirm the same.


Finally he was got confirmed with Prostate cancer where family was in dielemma whether to opt for Surgery / Chemo / Radio or look for alternative. Considering his age and low outcome of Chemotherapy with low quality of life, they decided to look for genuine alternate therapy options. Thus they reached Cancer Herbalist and opted to initiate the Nutrition Therapy immediately. 


Although he got releived to an extent initially with improved clinical signs, PSA levels didn't decrease even after a month of Nutrition Therapy. Cancer Herbalist indeed suggested the family to review the options for CT or surgery. As prostate cancer was not life threateneing so quickly and he was improving they decided to wait and see as many patients has reported improvement after 2 months with Cancer Herbalist. Their faith didn't decieved and gradually sky rocketted PSA levels started getting lowered towards normal from 443 to 55 ng/ml.


Cancer Herbalist wishes him complete regression and long life.


Note: Nutrition Therapy (NT) comprising such common spices like Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper, and herbs like Tulasi, Ashwagandha etc., and fruits like grapes, tomato, amla and nutrients like Co-Q10 etc the risk you can expect is least compared to Chemo / Radio/ Surgery. One can have the option of combining with CTRT / surgery too to reduce the


  • surgical complications,

  • surgery infections, 

  • Chemo resistance

  • Chemo cycles

  • Adverse reactions of CT RT


to increase the

  • sensitivity to Chemotherapy

  • vulnerability of cancer cells

  • organ health and over all health

  • blood & hemoglobin


You can always review to start / stop NT anytime, without restrictions, offering you huge advantage. One can easily tilt the table towards life. If you opt to include CHOCOLATE THERAPY, joy is yours. We only say that we offer;


Finally PSA reached almost ZERO and may be termed as complete regression as on Nov. 3rd, 2016 after 5 months of Nutrition Therapy
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