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Lung Cancer 4th Stage

Case 1

Lung Cancer 4th Stage

An aggressive lung cancer

Lung cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer type and the primary cause of cancer deaths in the United States. In most cases of NSCLC, by the time the disease is diagnosed, it has already reached metastasis — that is, the stage at which the cancer has invaded nearby tissue or spread to other parts of the body. Also in most cases (more than 80%, immune system is dysfunctional), hence the therapy is tricky and complex. Both evading cancer cells and dysfunctional immune system may explain high death rate.

Why Lung Cancer is so difficult? Read more here to learn:

A female patient aged around 45 years reported with Stage IV Lung cancer spread to many parts including vertebral bones, femur, pelvic bone, lymphatic system, Liver and other vital organs in Aug 2017. Completed 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. Response was good as CEA reduced. Radiotherapy was provided for inguinal mass. Due to severe ADR patient opted out of CTRT as almost bed ridden.

As the Chemo / Radio / Surgery options didn't work, her family started looking for next best options and thus reached Cancer Herbalist. After understanding the severity of the situation best possible Nutrition Therapy was initiated immediately. Patient and family religiously followed the suggestions and nutrition guidelines. With in 1 month of NT symptoms disappeared and life became normal.

As she recovered well and disease also stated as stable, weight also increased by 2 kg. As the hunger restored, food improved and health got restored. Even afatinib induced nail border bleeding stopped. Vertebral and pelvic pain disappeared. Little Pain seen after 45 min of walking which indicated very good endurance. Wt gain continued. Creatinine reduced indicated Nephro protection. Liver enzymes normalised.  CEA reached 2.35 (initially 61). Though hemoglobin levels hovered around 11, didn't fall below the critical 9.

The results after few months are refreshing and feels like second life.

The recent PET-CT 30th Jul 2018 found no traces of Cancer any where in the body and she is declared free from Lung Cancer. Reported residual non metabolic mass now has to be replaced by natural tissue for complete healing of lesion.

Our trust in nature is reiterated. We offer HOPE WHEN THERE IS NO HOPE.

PET-CT scan 






























Top: Left image is earlier indicating Stage IV cancer

Right image indicates no active disease any where in body.































Case id: 969

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