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Brain Cancer

There are many types of brain cancer / tumor. Contrary to general belief it is not the neurons which produce cancer but the supporting cells (Glial=glue) which takes care of functioning of neuron. As the brain is highly protected from blood by Blood Brain Barrier, it is difficult to make the drugs reach the site of action. Thus most drugs fail to reach brain making it difficult to treat with chemo drugs. Any resistance to these limited drugs means it is much tougher situation.

Fortunately herbal therapy offers extensive range of molecules having the ability to cross BBB. Combined with Novel Drug Delivery System it is much easier to reach and treat. This therapy not only combats cancer but improves the chemo drug entry into cells thus increases the efficacy of chemo therapy too. With help of this holistic / nutritional therapy it is possible to arrest the progress or even reverse it.


What we suggest is if intracranial (inside head) pressure is high which happens generally in Stage III & IV should undergo decompression surgery immediately to prevent the loss of functioning of brain parts. You can request surgeon not to be extremely cleansing in which a procedure they may end up in removing some functional tissue, the loss can't be reversed. As the loss is acute sometimes, care need to be excercised.


Upon initiation of therapy, one should monitor the changes carefully. After atleast 2 weeks, signs & symptoms should not deteriorate further indicating efficacy of therapy.


As we don't encourage MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan whose safety is not established completely in long term, we advise the patients to find the markers, indicators themselves to monitor the improvement. Avoid contrast scans until it is very very essential, discuss with your oncologist. Except for surgery contrast may not be required.


Here we provide details of cases who are accepted the therapy.


Case 1:

Case 1: Mr. Kiran N S, Male 43 Year old, from Bangalore suffered vomiting, blurred vision, pulling of body to a side diagnosed with Stage III (WHO) / IV Astrocytoma (GBM) at brain stem in 2011. As it can't be operated due to the risky location, surgeons recommended CTRT (Temozolamide daily 100mg with RT for 6 cycles). Unfortunately patient could not tolerate RT ended up on bed with Ryle's tube for feeding. He was unable to sign and his speech was not understood by his wife too. That was the situation when he had been left for palliative care. He is not recieving any further chemo / radio therapy from then onwards.

Update: on 01-11-2014: He is doing fine. Early 2014 MRI confirmed the regression of Tumor with no Hydrocephalis

Update: Brain tumor progressed and a fall suddenly augmented all declines and we lost him after extending life with quality for 4 1/2 years


Case 2:

Just a month before her 3rd year birthday in 2012, Ms. Diti from Bangalore, diagnosed with rare type of ATRT (Atypical Tumor / Rhabdoid Tumor) immeditely underwent decompression surgery followed by series of Radio & chemo therapy. The family initiated Nutrition Therapy (NT) after 2 months of radiation and inbetween 2-3 cycle of Chemo. She had been sent back from chemo at times. This child was the reason why we initiated Chocolate Therapy (incorporating therapeutic agents in high powered coco-chocolate). By Aug 2013 Chemo has stopped but port has been retained. Feb 2014, port has been removed as MRI revealed better resolution with no new lesion. NT has been stopped from June 2014.

Update: 01-11-2014: She is doing good in school and leading near normal life of a child.

Update: 01-06-2018: Doing great with no relapse.

Case 3:

Lady over the age of 70 years from Mysore in March 2014 has been left for palliative care as the Metastasis from Breast Cancer (post surgery) started  nanotechnology based formulations and albeit bit late recovered (due to age & associated co-morbid conditions). 


Update: 01-11-2014: She is independant and able to do daily chorus and walk across the road to friends houses and temples.



Failures: There are many causes for failure, we try document them and try to prevent them in future.


Case 1: Geetha, a 48 year old female suddenly diagnosed with blurring vision, unable to stand initiated Nutritional therapy along with Chemotherapy and special monoclonal antibody Avastin (At present it is not showing any observable benefit as on Feb 2014 compared to approval date Feb 2013). Although there was dramatic recovery within few months to near normal, continued haemorrhage induced by Avastin has tilted the balance. Yet to come out of coma. She has been discharged from hospital for palliative care and family of patient has decided to stop all therapy and give her the final freedom.

She finally gave up as severe hemorrage in brain resulted in huge edema (the pressure was so high, fluid was emanating from the surgery site) resulting in concussion of brain. Surgical oncologists rejected the surgical decompression and nothing on this earth can do magic in such situation.


Lesson: Avastin has proved again that it has little to do in GBM. Benefit may be lesser than risk apart from huge cost.


Case 2: Family approached for therapy when the male patient aged around 60 years with GBM, was almost in coma with hardly any communication under palliative care. Although nutrtitional theapy was given for few weeks through Ryle's tube, we couldn't document recovery except few occasions. Also it was first such case we attempted and could not use much options. Although we pulled for a month, fate defeated us.


Case 3: Sai Raksha, 6 year old girl from Bangalore suffered from Pontine Glioma. Diagnosed in Stage IV, time given was 3-6 months. They approached during Chemo cycles and Nutrition Therapy initiated immediately. Response was very good and she recovered well. She was able to go to school and learn as others. Unfortunately there were some low times during CTRT. Although we are aware of Radiotherapy helps in Metastasis, main stream therapy was continued. During these times she has been put on Wyselone (corticosteroids which reduce inflammation and edema). They are good in relieving symptoms initially and increase the efficacy of Temozolamide; later the effect is weaned off. There comes problem, steroids are most potential immunosuppressant which is opposite to our approach of immunostimulation. NT also was stopped during these days. Mar 2014 almost 8-9 months later she gained weight nearly 20-30% (may be fluid accumulation due to steroids?) and slowly slipped off to coma in a week. Although father initiated NT again, it was too late and couldn't be saved.


Learing from case 3: Although steroids helps initially, ultimately they became detrimental. It is better to manage without steroids or atleast it should be discontinued as early as possible. Also Nutritiona Therapy should be continued to stimulate the immunity which is suppressed by steroids.


Lesson: No magic works. Even NT has limitations. Patint need to act as early as possible (ASAP) as the cells keep deviding every moment releasing bad chemicals and spreading.


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