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General Health Myths Cancer Herbalist Doesn't support

Food is medicine
1. Cholesterol is bad for Health
2. Oil is bad for health
3. Salt is bad for Blood Pressure
4. Sweets is responsible for diabetes
5. Chilli causes ulcer
6. Herbs are slow to act
7. Fruits are bad for Diabetes
8. Wheat is good for Diabetes
9. Milk is good for all


10. Extrac Calcium need to be given for women
11. Antibiotics doesn’t Cause cancer
12. Clean environment is good for children
13. Hand washing liquid soaps are good
14. Cosmetics are safe

1. Cholesterol is bad for Health

Cholesterol forms integral part of our each cell. What happens if you remove the cholesteorl from your body. The whole body just collapse to a heap of shape less fat. Cholesterol provides stiffness to the cell wall, so it can function properly. It provides extra localised stiffness for cell receptors, transporters, communications etc. Its regulation is multi point and hardly contributed by your food (around 20%). The liver, central organ is responsible for maintenance of Cholesterol for some good reason to repair your body. Suppression of this can lead to serious repercussions up to early heart attack as you interfere with repair & maintainance.

After decades of fight by Cardiologists, Scientists, Researchers finally USFDA has agreed after a court directive to remove the Cholesterol from Dietary guidelines. It means there is no such bad thing called Cholesterol in your body and you don't need to monitor, study, follow, or alter in usual life. This decision has affected multi billion dollar business. Even India did banned Cholesterol lowering drugs due to their severe side effects including diabetes, muscular dystrophy, kidney failure etc, but couldn't stand to the pressure. Thus with in 3 days the ban was taken back and business continued.

Once we understand Cholesterol is no more a threat, there is no need to lower at all and relevant therapy find no use.

2. Oil is bad for health

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Nothing beats Immunity - Neither Radiation, Nor Chemotherapy Nor Surgery. But we are yet to learn how to stimulate it appropriately. Cancer Herbalist sure on the way..........

Below is the video demonstrating how immune cells killing a parasite.

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