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All Natural

Safe Herbs

Tough gets easier

We know you are in deep pain.
Nutrition Therapy supports you to fight many diseases including CANCER. Although Stage IV cancer patients have recoverd, please do not expect magic CURE for everybody.

NT helps you fight Cancer much better, which is based on pre-clinical and clinical evidence

Thus your success to improve quality of life, extension of life, complete regression (Cure), reduced relapse shall be better

Take the Nutrition Therapy kit home and consume at your own comfort and convenience

All you need is desire to live, rest NT helps you



What is Cancer Herbalist

Cancer Herbalist is a place where science meets tradition. Unlike other herbal therapists, the Cancer Herbalist evolves on Clinical research, preclinical research, molecular studies, receptor concepts, pathology, onco gene studies, epigenetical understanding of cancer diesease and herbal extracts.

Thus Cancer Herbalist works on the same pathways what modern science is depending on. It means, the Nutrition Therapy is aiming at 

1. Downregulating the Pro Oncogenes

2. Upregulating the anti Oncogenes

3. Anti Angiogenesis (VEGF)

4. Prmoting Apoptosis

 and so on....

Basis of NT

Nutrition Therapy at Cancer Herbalist is a dynamic program based on the latest research. The formulations shall be prepared with continuous optimisation comprising powerful  herbs

  1. Directly acting on Cancer gene expression

  2. Modulating Immune system

  3. Protecting vital organs to fight cancer more effectively.

Why NT is a good option

Herbs are in general safe even at high dose. They do not target one receptor like synthetic chemicals, but wide range which makes them better choice even when all option fails.

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